Atakoy Towers – Alpaslan Yildirim Nose Aesthetics Nearby Hotels

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Ataköy Towers is a business center that includes many trade, health, food and beverage sectors due to its location. Nose Aesthetics. Dr. Since Alpaslan Yıldırım’s office is located inside Ataköy Towers and is within a short walking distance to transportation networks such as Metro-Metrobus, it receives a lot of visitors. White Corner Hotel, on the other hand, is frequently preferred as it is located within a 10-minute walking distance from Ataköy Towers. As the White Corner Hotel family, we serve our valued customers 24/7 online with our experienced staff. We are happy to welcome our customers with our friendly employees, disinfected comfortable rooms, free internet access, free food and beverage services. For detailed information and reservation, you can reach us from our contact addresses.

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