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The construction of Memorial Bahçelievler Hospital, the first full-fledged general hospital building to be awarded the LEED Platinum certificate, was completed in 2018.

Memorial Bahçelievler Hospital is planned on a 14.060 m² building block located at the crossing point of the D-100 highway and Adnan Kahveci Boulevard, Ataköy, and Bahçelievler districts.

It is a full-fledged health complex with 320 patient beds, 15 operating rooms, 49 intensive care units, 31 observation rooms, and 135 polyclinic rooms. In the design, a project that is compatible with new technologies, comfortable for patients, their relatives, and employees, and reducing the stress level is aimed.

Memorial Hospital, which is served by many doctors who specialize in their field, is a hospital preferred by many foreign patients. The hospital, which is very popular especially in health tourism, hosts thousands of foreign national patients every year. White Corner Hotel is one of the hotels preferred by many tourists who come to Memorial hospital because White Corner is a hotel near Memorial Hospital. As a location, our hotel, located in the center of Istanbul, is one of the most preferred hotels due to its service quality and customer satisfaction. White Corner Hotel is very close to Memorial hospital, Medical Park hospital, Esteworld Bahçelievler, Cnr Expo exhibition center, and Sinan Erdem sports complex.

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