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What is Health Tourism?

Şirinevler Hotel In İstanbul
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Health tourism; is the visit of people to another country other than their country of residence in order to receive both therapeutic, rehabilitative, and health-beneficial services regarding their health. A tourist traveling for health purposes is called a ‘health tourist’.


What are the Types of Health Tourism?

All kinds of tourism activities that provide services for a healthy life can be considered as health tourism, but in general, health tourism types are grouped under 3 main headings;

Medical (Medical) Tourism: It is a type of tourism made to find insufficient medical services in its own country or to be treated in a hospital or to have surgery in a different country.


Thermal Tourism: It is a type of tourism made for the purpose of rehabilitation and rest in thermal facilities serving in regions where thermal waters are known to be healing for years, for bodily health and spiritual rest.


Tourism for the Elderly and Disabled: Tourism for the Elderly and Disabled; long-term stays with social activities; sightseeing tours and occupational therapy for the elderly; aged care services; rehabilitation services at the clinical hotel; It includes special care and sightseeing tours for the disabled. The service location is generally clinical hotels, recreation areas, holiday resorts, and nursing homes.


What are the Benefits of Health Tourism for Countries?

12 months of the year contribute to the continuation of tourism in countries with health tourism. In countries that attract tourists with health tourism, natural assets that do not normally have economic value but are beneficial to health (such as forest, healing water, mountain) gain the quality of economic products and contribute to the income of the region. Expenditures made by tourists provide income increase. It contributes positively to the images of countries around the world.

Turkey is very suitable for health tourism with its geographical location, health institutions, educated manpower, spas, and natural beauties. With its historical and cultural richness and its level of competence in the field of health, Turkey is among the 10 most popular countries in the world.


Especially Istanbul has received a serious demand for Health Tourism in recent years. Compared to European and Middle Eastern countries, the prices applied in Istanbul for hair transplantation, prosthetic tooth production, in vitro fertilization, and aesthetic operations are extremely economical. There are many private hospitals and clinics in the region, especially in Şirinevler, Bahcelievler, and Bakırköy. Memorial Hospital, Medical Park Hospital, Private Nisa Hospital, Op. Dr. Many internationally recognized hospitals and clinics such as Alpaslan Yıldırım Clinic, Natural Hair Clinic, Esteworld Bahçelievler, and Aslı Tarcan Medical Center are located in these regions. There are many hotels in these regions where many tourists who come to these regions for health tourism can get quality and reliable service in terms of accommodation. However, staying close to the hospital or clinic where you will receive healthcare is very important in Istanbul. Because Istanbul traffic is so heavy that your visit can turn into a nightmare.


One of the hotels that stand out with its proximity to these health tourism centers and quality service is White Corner Hotel. Centrally located, the hotel is also within walking distance of the main public transport hubs. For these reasons, it is one of the most preferred hotels in Şirinevler, Bakırköy, and Bahçelievler regions.

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